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March 08, 2017

A stair master stepper is a great cardio exercise machine which has two pedals or a set of three-four stairs and stationary handles. The user simply moves up and down on the pedals smoothly while holding the stationary handles. When starting to work out on a stair master, you may feel some apprehensive in the beginning, but gradually you may find yourself in love with it. This machine can provide several benefits to your body.

It Helps You Tone Your Lower Body

This is something you will actually find to be true when using a stair master. You engage your lower body in each step you take during your workout on it including glutes, hamstrings, calves, quads in order to burn fat and gain lean muscle mass.

It Is Good For Your Joints

Stair master provides your legs an excellent workout. No matter if the stairs are moving fast or slow, you will still be getting a beneficial workout. Exercising on the treadmill at a slower speed cannot be as beneficial as on the stair master.

Get An Efficient Workout

Stair master is a good choice for the cardiovascular workout. You can accomplish toning, muscle building and cardio all at once.

A Good Option To Easily Lose Weight

When you work out on a stair master, you continuously use the largest muscles of your body. Throughout the workout, you are carrying your own body weight. This way you burn a plenty of calories. As a result, you lose the unwanted fat.

It Helps You Increase Your Aerobic Capacity

Going through a regular workout on the stair master, you also tend to increase your aerobic capacity. This, as a result, makes the everyday physical activities easier to perform.

Below are mentioned a couple of stair master exercises which you may find efficient for your daily workout.

Alternating Leg Raising

When the stairs are running moderately, lean forward and squeeze the glutes of your left leg while kicking it back. And then you return your leg to the stairs, skip one step. Now, repeat on the right one.

Staying Low

Try to be closer to the bottom of the stairs when the machine is running slow. Keep on stepping from there while keeping your legs at a 90-degree angle. Don’t forget to ensure that you are holding on.

Sumo Step

Keep your back straight and shoulders back. Step to the right as far as you are able to, and then do the same with your left foot.

If you are planning to buy a stair master stepper, you should at least once have a look on the remanufactured stair masters. That is because they are cheaper than the new ones but can work with the same efficiency.