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May 23, 2017

Stepmills are amongst the best calorie burning pieces of workout equipment for a gym. So if you are looking to optimize burning calories, you might want to consider using step mills.

Stepmills allow you to workout different muscles just by changing the way you use them. Walking up the steps sideways or skipping steps provide a completely different workout from normal stair climbing. But which type of step mill is right for your gym?

Here are five suggestions on the best step mills from AME Fitness Equipment.

  1. Designed specifically for the commercial market, the Jacobs Ladder Stairway Ultimate Stair Climber offers a rotating belt that goes faster the higher you climb the steps. This step mill is self-powered, meaning that it does not require a wall plug!
  2. The Matrix C7xe Climbmill is one of the most authentic stair-climbing workouts on the market! With its low maintenance and integrated adjustment grips, it is certainly a piece of equipment you will want for your gym. It also comes with pre-programmed monument mimicking walk cycles.
  3. With 10 different programmed workouts and a slim design, the StairMaster Sm5 Stepmill Window Lcd Console is one piece of equipment that can fit anywhere in your gym and offers your members a great workout.
  4. The StairMaster SM916 provides a workout that truly replicates a real life stair step workout. An ergonomic design and textured 8-inch steps eliminates the chance of dangerous falls while using the equipment.
  5. Providing a next generation workout, the StairMaster StepMill 5 W/ 10” Touch Screen Console combines the core mechanics of a step mill with enhanced functionality all in a stylish look. This step mill provides a workout you definitely want in your gym.

Now that you know more about step mills, how can you get your hands on them? AME Fitness Equipment, a fitness equipment wholesaler, is a leading provider of high quality refurbished step mills. Their equipment works as well as new ones while saving you on the cost. Stepmills are great machines to have in your gym. So save money and provide a great workout for your gym members with refurbished step mills!