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October 28, 2016

Biceps: In these days of fashion and style everybody, especially men, want to look, well-toned and perfect in shape (like men with bigger Guns). Biceps is an important muscle which gives a man a muscular look. This muscle is also important as we do most of our work with the strength of this muscle. Biceps is an upper arm muscle, which includes a short head and long head working as a single muscle. We need to work on both of these, to develop a huge and good looking upper arm muscle.

Biceps Curl-ups: It is the most important exercise for the growth of biceps. There are varieties of biceps curl up exercises like barbell curl up exercises and dumb bell curl up exercises, which sometimes confuse a person. A person should stick to only most effective exercises only. These are most effective biceps curl up exercises:

  • Incline Hammer Curl-ups: position yourself inclined on a multi-purpose bench and hold two dumbbells in your hands while arms straight down and palms facing your thighs. Lift the dumbbells up with focus and strength. This exercise hits long heads of biceps and also prevents momentum.
  •  Incline inner biceps curl ups: The exercise is done in the same way. The only difference is that you try to twist the wrists during lifting up the weight. It keeps the arm bone (humerus) behind the body, helping to stretch muscles of biceps to max.
  • Concentration curl ups: It is one of the best exercises and also favorite of many bodybuilding Icons. It doesn't affect long head of biceps but it increases biceps thickness and peak by pumping short heads. Simply hold a dumbbell in one hand and comfortably rest your elbow on the same thigh and curl up while concentrating on muscle contractions.
  • Wide-grip standing barbell curl ups: Take a wider grip on a barbell, in standing position, and lift up the weight without the movement of the back, lift it only with the force of biceps. This helps to involve more small heads.
  • Zottman Curl: It is also known as pinky biceps curl up. In this you simply hold dumbbells in your each hand and move them upwards.
  • Barbell curl ups: It involves simply curling up the arms. The force of biceps muscles gives the maximum pump to biceps.
  • Dumbbell curl ups: This is the basic movement or exercise that may be considered as a basic exercise for biceps. Dumbbell allows the wrists to freely move, hence all muscles are involved.
  • Hammer curl Up: Hold the dumbbells vertically like a hammer and do the curl ups. This is the best exercise it also helps to develop forearms. It involves all elbow flexors.

Biceps Curl Up Equipment
Appropriate exercise, balanced diet, and proper rest are three rules of the gym. However, the whole picture doesn't end here. We need proper equipment, which is ergonomic in terms of grip, accuracy of weights, comfortable to hands and time-saving design. There are many types of quality bicep curl up equipment like Life Fitness Signature Biceps Curl up Equipment, which gives us the maximum advantage to grow up the Guns in an easy way.