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January 04, 2017

If a house gets severely damaged, it can be changed easily. But same is not the case with one’s body. The body is a permanent home and thus cannot be changed. Certain people understand this thing and that is why they seem concerned about their fitness and health. Most of they like to go jogging, running or working out in the gym. There are various pieces of equipment in the gym which help people train in muscles and strength. People who enter a commercial gym for the first time may get to see various pieces of equipment there. Here, you can get to know which pieces of gym equipment are most likely to be seen in the gym.


Kettlebells was developed in Russia to be used in strength training and aerobics. The Russian Kettlebells seem a lot like cannonball with handle. It is a type of strength training equipment that is versatile and inexpensive. Kettlebell workout is strenuous and involves full range of body motion.

Hammer Strength MTS Iso-Lateral Decline Press

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Patented Iso-Lateral Movements let users to train in diverging and converging movements using both limbs together. The system allows light starting weights that are appropriate for aging adults and beginners.
The equipment was originally made for athletes that need high performance training equipment. The range of Hammer products benefits all users, be it professional athletes or a layman.


The bench is the most common piece of equipment as it is used in several exercises. If you have ever been in a gym, you must have spotted three types of benches: incline, decline and flat. Some benches are also equipped with racks in order to hold a barbell.

Hyper Extension Bench

Hyper extension bench is used to work out the hamstring, lower back and glute muscles. This bench can also be used for working out abdominals.

Preacher Bench

This bench is specifically designed to work out the biceps. You put your upper arms on its angled pad in order to do the arms workout.

However, there are many pieces of gym equipment; the pieces mentioned above are the most common to be seen in the gym. The barbell is usually used for working out shoulder and chest muscles and various benches are used to make the work out more convenient.