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April 12, 2017

Life fitness

It is American indigenous fitness company that specializes in production, distribution and refurbishment of equipment like Refurbished Life Fitness MJ4 Multi Jungle Machine Online. Since the invention of lifecycle® Exercise Bike In 1968, life fitness has developed a wide variety of strength training and cardio equipment for all exercisers from versatile to naïve. Life fitness products are most ranked and trusted products, in terms of manufacturing, refurbishing as in any process there is quality. Life fitness develops products with exercise and fitness facility in mind.

MJ4 Multi jungle machine

Life fitness provides effective and adaptable cable motion strength training by MJ4 Multi jungle machines. They limitlessly incorporate multi jungles into space, programming and exercising experience. Signature series MJ4 Multi jungle machine can be customized with various additional features to provide users with various workout regimens. MJ4 multi jungle machine is perfect for group training also, as it allows five exercises at once. Providing user-defined paths of motion, MJ4 allows for a nearly endless variety of strength training options that builds balance, stability, and power.

Attractive features of MJ4 multi jungle machine

Life fitness MJ4 is designed with advanced technological processes. Its frame is made of mechanical quality steel. Core towers on jungles are not bolted together but completely welded. Before applying the finish, every individual part of this equipment is chemically washed to make its surface receptive for maximum adhesion. Its frames have an electrostatic epoxy powder coating finish. It has an application of every possible procedure and use of every quality material to make it the best equipment.

  • MJ4 multi jungle machine allows incorporation of various exercise regimens, taking fitness to next level. With its sophisticated design, it provides users functional training tools, enabling them to add more strength to their every day, real-time activities.
  • It has 7x19 strand construction cables, nylon coated, lubricated and meeting US military specifications.
  • It has molded foam cushion system, which makes it durable and comfortable.
  • It has 11 gauge steel frame, providing maximum strength to the structure of the machine.
  • Its rubber based feet protection, with electrostatic powder coat finish for maximum duration, also prevents the machine from slipping.
  • It has aluminum collared hand grips, for prevention of slipping away from hands during use.
  • It has instructional placards, properly illustrated and simple to follow.
  • It has the Optional front as well as rear shrouds.
  • It is equipped with solid steel weight plates and 11 mm diameter weight selector pin, which magnetically locks in place. The weight plates are coated with wrinkle gray powder and thickness of the plate is held precisely, by matching upper and lower surfaces.
  • A user has an choice of selecting color options for the frame.
  • It includes Triceps Pushdown, Lat Pull-down, Dual Pulley Pull-down, Row, Dual Pulley Row, Adjustable Pulley, Fixed Pulley Cable Crossover, Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover multi-exercise options.
  • It has a variety of exercising options, freedom to move limbs simultaneously, also independently of each other and choice to use different weights for the same limb.

Life Fitness MJ4 Multi Jungle Machine is designed keeping in mind and using best material intelligent design and state of the art technology.