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October 25, 2016

Abductor Muscle

In the Human muscular system, Abductor muscles are an important group of muscles. These muscles help a person in abduction, a motion of pulling away from body parts especially limbs from the midline. Had there been no abductor muscles, we wouldn't have been able to move our legs away from each other. We can simply say every moment of our joints fingers, toes, wrist, and arms is possible only by abductor muscles. There are these main types of abductors in simple terms

  • Shoulder Abductor muscles
  • Hip Abductor muscles
  • Thigh Abductor muscles
  • Leg Abductor muscles

Abductors are there at every joint of the human body, so we can have an idea how important it is to strengthen the abductors.

How to Make Abductors Strong?

There are Plethora of exercises for Abductors and doing them depends on the right kind of equipment also. Many abductor machines are in vogue such as “Hammer Strength Select Abductor Equipment”. We can also do exercises to strengthen our abductors in a natural way and it is a good choice at beginning, like side lunges, side planks, etc. However, for exercising in a smart way choosing right kind of equipment is wiser. Although every abductor muscle is important, but main importance should be given to Hip abductors as they have control over, the motion of our core. So when people mention abductors, you should understand they refer to hip abductors. Hip Abductors stabilize our pelvis by opening up thighs on the side when we walk, stand on one foot and kick etc.

Hip Abductors help us to dance, get out of a car, ride a cycle, kick someone, and play football, etc. Think how we could be wearing our jeans, if there were no abductors. When we do any kind of movement, it needs coordination among the different group of muscles. Our hip abductors may serve as movers or stabilizers depending on the type of action we have to perform. There are four main primary hip abductor muscles as; gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and tensor fascia lata, when any of these muscles is weak our stability and core strength suffers. It is very important to strengthen these muscles.

Hammer Strength Abductor Equipment

Many types of equipment are available for abductor strength and it depends on our knowledge and research to select the best quality. We also need to be clear about Abduction and Adduction as machines for both look similar. Hammer Strength Select Abductor Equipment is fundamental for strengthening hip abductors. It has a ratchet mechanism, thereby giving exercisers freedom to adjust in 10-degree increments. It consists of cables meeting U.S. military specifications. It has a roller mechanism and on seat adjustment. It has fiberglass, impregnated nylon pulleys. It has comfortable cushioned foot platforms, which are Polyethylene spray-coated for corrosion and abrasion resistance. It has nice and ergonomic hand grips retained with aluminum collars. It has best instructional placards and weight plates are made of solid steel. It has a drop-down increment weight system (standard on SE models).