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May 12, 2017

Running is one of the best cardiovascular workouts in all of fitness. In the mid 1990’s, The popularity of treadmills increased dramatically and they have become a staple of fitness equipment today. But where did treadmills come from? What makes them so popular?

The first recorded instance of treadmills being used was to harness power for the operation of treadwheels. The power was needed for the treadwheels to grind grain. However, people were not the ones that used these treadmills. Rather than using people power, treadmills harnessed the power of animals to make treadwheels turn. Horses, goats, and even dogs were all animals used for treadmills.

In the 19th century, treadmills evolved into a tool used by British prisoners. The prisoners would line up on a wide treadmill and use manpower to provide the power needed for things like grinding corn, pumping water, churning butter, or any other basic function that a treadmill could be used for.

During the 1960’s William Staub created the first modernized treadmill. His design revolutionized treadmills and made them available for anyone to have. By creating treadmills at an affordable price, they became a staple for fitness centers as well as home gyms.

Nowadays, treadmills have advanced and incorporated modern technology into them. Smartphone compatibility, large lcd touch displays, and internet capabilities are just some of the many features modern treadmills offer. But with all these advanced features, the cost of treadmills has certainly not decreased. That is where AME Fitness Equipment comes in with our <refurbished treadmills for sale (link to Refurbished Treadmills keyword)>.

A new treadmill with a touchscreen display can cost thousands of dollars. At AME Fitness Equipment, we cut the cost by offering refurbished models of top brands like Life Fitness. Our refurbished treadmills work as well as new ones but also saves you money.

By offering refurbished treadmills, we provide you with a quality machine that cuts the cost. You may notice some cosmetic imperfections on the treadmill. These do not affect the functionality of the treadmill in any way and we make sure all our machines are at least an 8 out of 10 cosmetically. Take a look at all of our treadmills
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Overtime, the use of treadmills has changed drastically. From providing power by animals for farm tasks to being used in gyms for cardio and staying fit. Not only has the use of treadmills changed but the technology incorporated in them has advanced substantially. At AME Fitness Equipment, we pride ourselves on top quality refurbished treadmills. Our treadmills will save you money while providing a quality piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment for years to come.