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Top 5 Hammer Strength Machines

April 06, 2018

At AME Fitness Equipment we understand you want the best weight and strength training machines you can get. That is why we provide them and at affordable prices too. What better brand than Hammer Strength to provide your gym with high quality strength equipment. Not sure which machines to get? Well don’t worry because here is our top 5 list of machines to provide in your gym by Hammer Strength.

  1. For an amazing workout on your upper body, we recommend the <Hammer Strength Select Shoulder Press (>. By targeting your deltoids, triceps, and core muscles, this machine provides a fundamental part of strength training progression.
  2. The <Hammer Strength Select Seated Row (> is a great machine for targeting a lot of muscles at once. Biceps, trapezius, abs, and latissimus dorsi are just a few muscles that this machine works out. You can also workout different muscle groups using this machine. All you have to do is change your grip from overhand to underhand and you will work out a different set of muscles while using this machine.
  3. If you are looking to give your legs a workout, then the <Hammer Strength MTS Iso Lateral Leg Extension (> machine is for you! This machine features separate weight stacks that work out four different muscles on the front of the thigh.
  4. Another Hammer Strength machine that works out your legs is the <Hammer Strength Select Leg Press (>. A standard for any gym, this machine helps with quadricep development as well as works out your  glutes, hamstrings, and calves.
  5. Want to work out your core but not sure what machine works best? Our <Hammer Strength MTS Abdominal Crunch (> machine provides an excelllent ab workout.

For more great machines from Hammer Strength, be sure to check them out right here at AME Fitness Equipment.