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Features and Benefits of an Adaptive Motion Trainer

April 06, 2018

Manufactured by Precor, the Adaptive Motion Trainer, or AMT, combines a treadmill, a true elliptical machine and a stepper, making your workout more effective while requiring you to put in less time than you would with other workouts like spinning. Because the exercise machine is adaptive, it lets you change your pace, so you can easily go from walking to running. An AMT even allows you to change your stride’s height and shift from a climbing action to one that involves lunging, making it easy for you to engage in a dynamic fitness routine.


How Does the Dynamic Fitness Machine Work?

The machine adjusts to the way that you want to move, letting you change your leg movements throughout your workout. It features independent foot pedals like the ones added to Matrix elliptical machines, but the AMT is set up so that you can select your stride and pedal height. This means that you can walk or run while on the dynamic fitness machine. For most athletes, the option to change how they’re moving mid-workout makes it more interesting and less monotonous than other workouts like spinning. The machine also makes it harder for your body to plateau. If you enjoy what you’re doing, then you’re more likely to embrace the fitness freak lifestyle and stick with it.


Covering the Details

Like true elliptical machines, AMTs have two rotating pedals as well as arm swings for your upper body. This lets you move your arms and legs in sync with one another unlike spinning, which mainly works your legs. The machine is 80 inches long and 35 inches wide. It is also 69 inches tall and capable of holding someone who weighs up to 350 pounds. When it comes to stride length, the machine lets you adjust it between 0 and 36 inches while the step height feature moves from 6.8 to 10 inches. If you set it on a 0 stride length with an increased step, then it mimics stepping action. The machine’s short stride length lets you walk, the mid-range stride allows you to kick your exercise up to a jog and the long stride length gives you the chance to break into a run. This is how better bodies are built.


The Extra Features of the Precor 576i Elliptical

As with Matrix elliptical machines, AMTs come with an information console that gives you immediate feedback about each workout, a great way to soothe your inner fitness freak. This includes the number of calories that you’ve burned, the time that you’ve spent burning them and the speed that you’re going. It also shows your heartrate. With Precor’s AMT machine, you can choose from 20 different levels of resistance, making it easy for you to change the intensity of your workout. People who select a higher level of pedal resistance to make their workout more challenging often have better bodies.


The Benefits of Using an AMT to Achieve Next Level Fitness

The benefits of an AMT include being able to start a workout by activating the machine’s low-impact true elliptical cardio mode. You can then change the setting to toning, allowing you to achieve next level fitness results. Better bodies are developed through hard work and diet. An AMT makes the hard work part of this equation a little easier. Like a Matrix elliptical machine, an AMT lets you increase your heartrate while delivering the benefits of being gentle on your joints.


If a next level fitness challenge is what you need, then an AMT will do the trick. The machine is designed to push your muscles, ensuring that they become stronger and more tone. In fact, by using an AMT, you may get in shape easier than you will by spinning or running on a treadmill. The reason for this is that an AMT lets you move naturally. Like a true elliptical machine, you can use an AMT to complete interval training routines on your own at home. To do this, increase the machine’s resistance and push harder on the handlebars. At other times, decrease your workout effort.


Should You Get an AMT Machine?

If you have knee or joint problems or another medical condition that makes high-impact exercise risky, then consider investing in an AMT machine. It’s also a good choice for you if repetitious movements bore you because during an AMT workout, you can switch gears and try something different.


Delivering the Results You Want

AMTs are not only more effective than Matrix elliptical machines, but they are also incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that you are able to take advantage of the different exercise options that are available on the machine every time you use it. Jump on your AMT to get your fitness freak on and to avoid the kind of muscle plateau that happens when you do the same exercise day after day.