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April 06, 2018

Making our new year’s resolution has become a ritual for many of us. #NewYearNewMe set out to be one of the most popular and influential hashtags across all social networks at this time of year, But is setting our new year’s resolution really a new us? Or maybe the bubbly has gotten us to commit to goals we set for ourselves and never achieve (sounds like the same old me. ). I know for me my one every new year’s resolution is to lose weight or just healthier eating, but it’s easier said than done. We often set this resolution come the new year, we join the gym, we meal prep and then life hits  and in about mid-February we are over it and our once piping hot steam has sizzled down. We then find ourselves back to the same old thing, A our tall caramel Frap, a pack of french butter cakes and road rage. DON’T BE THAT GUY! Lets crack this bad habit down and lock in our #NewYearNewMe resolutions . Here are 4 easy ways that can help to make things a little easier on this journey.

Get REAL !

Rule #1 GET REAL, “Rome wasn’t Built in One day”. Set a realistic resolution, let’s get specific with our short term goals and take baby steps. We can start our health journey by substituting Potatoes, Pasta, Rice , and other unhealthy carbs with more healthier choices like vegetables (all of them ), whole fruit (apples, bananas, ect), Nuts, and seeds. Schedule gym times, start off with 3 days a week for an intense 1 hour cardio session. Slowly increase the days if your schedule allows it, something is better than nothing. If you can’t do more days then try scheduling more time at the gym. Also spread out your workout plan between Cardio, strength, and weight training. Keeping it real with ourselves guys is going to help us increase the chances of successfully achieving our New Year’s  resolution.


Crack Down The BAD Habit

They say that the conventional time to create a habit is 21 days but In average it really takes 66 days to do so, that’s nearly 3 extra weeks of commitment to your goals for it to become a regular part of your life. Sounds like a long time, don’t know if you can find the time to do it ?, well it’s a good thing we just don’t find time walking to the corner store, WE CHOOSE time. Choose to break the bad habit chains. Let’s start off breaking them by changing our attitude, or simply just targeting whats causing us stress or boredom. They say that bad habits are formed from stress and boredom so knowing exactly what’s causing this is a step towards cracking the bad habits down. Substitute the tub of ice cream we would normally scarf down when we are feeling a little strain with a delicious healthy snack like a small bowl of  strawberry yogurt, cinnamon vanilla granola, and some fresh fruit (favorite snack when i get a sweet tooth). “When i’m bored i send a text to a random number, saying “ i hid the body, now what?”(LOL this gets me every time) don’t do this!. Boerd? Let’s get up and hit the gym for some cardio, or  call a friend and catch a spin class, be productive instead of basking in boredom it will just lead us to the fridge  now we find ourself eating everything we’re  not suppose to. After demolishing my fridge i feel like a tub of lard and stressed over those calories i could have spared just by being active. Back to the bad habit cycle Stop now take action, it time to accomplish your New Year’s resolution.


Finish Line?

Commit to the process not the finish line. We are on a journey a path to health that never ends, “ i want to stop being healthy” says no one ever!. There are no finish lines this is a process of a lifestyle change, my New Year’s resolution is really a NEW ME. This process will take time so looking for a finish line is not realistic, set milestones and grow from there. Setting milestones will stimulate us to keep going to our full potential, Push through the process trust it and love it. Your Resolution should change you in every way forever, making a firm decision and sticking to is is what a resolution is. Don’t limit yourself we have so much more strength in us then we give ourselves credit for, our resolutions are closer than we think they are reach for your goals it’s yours after all.

Tell Everyone And Their Mothers.

At first i didn’t see how telling all my friends and family would be beneficial because let’s be honest we have all been guilty at some point in our lives about saying we will do something we don’t ever really do. So the day after new years when my hangover was over and i was no longer letting the bubbly talk for me, i decided id give it another chance and tell everyone and their mothers. Now normally when you tell someone you will do something well … you do it, since i’ve been known to slack on that a time or two i assigned myself an accountability buddy to keep me on check!. It worked because now i have someone constantly reminding me of my resolution and giving me the support i need when i want to give up. Its important to have support in your goals from people around you, it will give u strength and motivation to follow through with your resolution and achieving your NEW YOU!.