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Commercial Fitness Equipment

Quality Commercial Fitness Equipment for your Gym:
Whether you are adding or replacing a machine, AME Fitness Equipment is the place to find quality commercial fitness equipment at affordable prices. We understand that buying equipment is a big commitment. That is why we work hard to provide you with the best refurbished machines that won’t break the bank. We believe the quality of the equipment is very important. Especially when it is constantly being used by tons of people every day. However, quality does not necessarily mean you have to break the bank purchasing a new machine.


Quality is Key:
Quality is a main factor to keep in mind when purchasing equipment. When you buy a quality machine, it will last you a long time and you won’t have to shell out more money on a new machine or constantly need to repair it. AME Fitness Equipment’s refurbished commercial fitness equipment will always function like its new. You will notice quality in our machines and can rest easy knowing that they will last you for years to come.


Our Machines and You:
Since refurbished fitness equipment is gaining in popularity, you may find that machines from some places may not be up to par with your standards. At AME Fitness Equipment we pride ourselves in making sure our equipment is in full working condition and thoroughly inspect them to make sure they are safe. This way your customers will have no problem while using them. If you are looking for one piece or a full set of commercial fitness equipment, let AME Fitness Equipment help provide your gym with exactly what you need.

If you are opening a gym it may be overwhelming to buy all of the machines you need to be successful. By buying refurbished commercial fitness equipment, you will save money and are able to purchase all of the necessary equipment for your gym. Our machines save you money as well as provide an excellent product for your gym members to use.

Look for name brands such as life fitness, hammer strength etc… for up to 50% off.

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