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Cybex Free Standing Dip / Chin Assit - Demo

  • Cybex Free Standing Dip / Chin Assit

Cybex Free Standing Dip / Chin Assit - Demo (CY-FREE-CH-D)

Brand: Cybex

Color: White

Weight: 660.00 LBS.

Length: 59.00 Inch.

Width: 49.00 Inch.

Height: 98.00 Inch.

Offer Price : $4,895.00 $ 2,295.00


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Cybex Free Standing Dip / Chin Assist 

The Cybex Chin Dip Assist has an easy-to-adjust weight stack that allows for quick adjustment of desired assistance. It offers a maximum of 112 lbs. (51 kg) and a minimum of 16 lbs. (7.3 kg) of assistance for users of all fitness levels. The steps allow easy ingress and egress, allowing users of all heights a full range of motion. The foot bar easily flips up for unassisted pull-ups and dips. The dip handles swivel in two positions to accommodate users of varying sizes and goals, and the pull-up bar offers both bar and neutral grips for individual preference.
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