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NEW Life Fitness Signature MJ4

NEW Life Fitness Signature MJ4 (SIG_MJ4)

Brand: Life Fitness

Color: White

Weight: 999.99 LBS.

Length: 143.50 Inch.

Width: 74.00 Inch.

Height: 94.00 Inch.

Offer Price : $12,595.00 $ 9,995.00


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The Signature Series MJ4 is a multi-faceted piece of equipment that can be customized with various add-ons, configurations and setups to provide exercisers with nearly limitless workout variety. Allowing up to five exercisers at once, the MJ4 is perfect for group training. Cable Motion™ Technology employs user-defined paths of motion that allow for a nearly endless variety of strength training options that builds balance, stability, and power.

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