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NEW RopeFlex

AME fit equipment provides Ropeflex ORYX2 exercises equipment in USARopeflex training equipment delivers the benefits of both isokinetic and aerobic exercise. Our rope trainers are based on simple, time-proven principles of rope climbing while reducing the risk of this traditionally dangerous activity to nearly zero. Individuals of any age and athletic ability can benefit from our unique rope technology safely and comfortably.

Our equipment are direct drive, progressive magnetic resistance with zero maintenance. Our technology does not require gears, friction clutches, reduction belts or electrical power. Ropeflex magnetic resistance mechanism has been fully developed and tested in-house. It does not require adjustments and provides progressive resistance depending on the intensity of exercise. It is bi-directional and has zero inertia, allowing users to reverse direction of the pull, instantly. If you wish to buy Ropeflex Vortex RX3300 exercises equipment in USA, then contact us now.

Additional Discounts available for Bulk Orders of all RopeFlex products- contact AME for details!

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Pulley for RX2100- New

$400.00 $ 242.00

Ropeflex Addax RX3200- New

$ 4,175.00 $ 3,795.00

Ropeflex Apex RX4400- New

$ 7,300.00 $ 7,265.00

Ropeflex Dragon RX1500- New

$ 2,996.00 $ 2,995.00

Ropeflex Ibex RX2300- New

$ 3,096.00 $ 3,095.00

Ropeflex Oryx RX2500- New

$ 3,696.00 $ 3,695.00

Ropeflex Oryx2 RX5500- New

$ 5,896.00 $ 5,895.00

Ropeflex Ox RX2000- New

$ 2,251.00 $ 2,250.00

Ropeflex Ox2 RX2100- New

$ 1,700.00 $ 1,699.00

Ropeflex Vortex RX3300- New

$ 5,700.00 $ 5,699.00

Ropeflex Wolf RX2200- New

$ 2,525.00 $ 2,495.00

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