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New Star Trac 8-TC TreadClimber

  • New Star Trac 8-TC TreadClimber

New Star Trac 8-TC TreadClimber (9-9211-8TC-110-LCD)

Brand: Star Trac

Weight: 719.00 LBS.

Length: 83.00 Inch.

Width: 36.00 Inch.

Height: 83.00 Inch.

Offer Price : $11,995.00 $ 8,500.00


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Walking is the #1 fitness activity in the world. TreadClimber® by Star Trac builds on this everyday motion and makes it exponentially more effective. With its unique design, the front foot steps up as much as an 18° incline, but the treadle falls, so at push-off, users are stepping on flat ground – it’s essentially like walking on sand. The TreadClimber also allows for a natural stride length, so there’s no compromise for short or tall users. It brings a new challenge to walking without any comfort drawbacks – and not to mention, it brings proven results. We’re talking a high-burn, low-impact workout that burns 2x the calories as walking the same speed on a flat treadmill.

  • • Choose between 10″, 15″ & LCD versions of the new OpenHub™ family of consoles • Patented design and movement pattern maximize caloric burn and motivate users to work harder, burning up to 2 times more calories than walking on a flat treadmill at the same speed • User defined dual ramping decks provide an incline to flat step pattern, capturing all the benefits of a treadmill, elliptical and stepper • Bluetooth connectivity for user workout data tracking • Telemetry and contact HR • USB charging port • HDMI streaming available with PVS and 15″ display • Multiple cup and accessory holders • Easily accessible Hot Bar® with one-finger speed and level controls, integrated stop button and contact heart rate grips • LCD and 10″ displays pre-wired for 8 Series PVS entertainment, 800/900mHZ receivers, and tablet holder • Star Trac’s popular personal fans create a more rewarding workout • Treadle belt width 52″ x 9″ (132 cm x 23 cm) x 2 • 5 HP AC motor• Electrical requirements: 110V/20 Amp dedicated circuit with NEMA 5-20 outlet; or 220V/15 Amp dedicated circuit with NEMA 6-15 outlet • Powder-coated Steel frame

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