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Cybex Eagle Leg Extension (CY-E-LE)

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Brand: Cybex

Weight: 613.00 LBS.

Length: 48.00 Inch.

Width: 52.00 Inch.

Height: 58.00 Inch.



Cybex Eagle selectorized strength line is the evolution of superior technology combined with a passion for fitness. There is no comparable strength line in the industry - Eagle is beyond the other's best. Starting with exhaustive research in human biomechanics and applying the Cybex heritage in sports medicine, Eagle is the ultimate way to "faster fitness results". Ergonomic Leg Adjustments - Innovative designs on the Leg Extension make positioning the tibia pad intuitive, virtually effortless, and results in easily accessible and easily adjustable machines. No knobs to lock - just put legs behind the pad and push. Tibia Pad - Offset input arm allows for the tibia pad to adjust without affecting the starting angle of the knee. In combination with proper pivot location, this allows the use of a flat pad for reduced shin pressure. Back Pad Angle - The 100 degree angle between seat and back pad is wider than most leg extension machines and is designed to relieve hamstring tension. Four-bar linkage seat back adjustment with gas spring assist - The Eagle four-bar linkage combined with gas spring assist means the seat back position can be adjusted without requiring the user to get off the machine. Position indicators enable users to perfectly duplicate their position on the machine each time they use it. Range Limiting Device - This CYBEX patented technology adjusts the machine to the user rather than the user to the machine. Regardless of the starting position selected, the cam remains synchronized with each individual user. RLD varies the leverage to maintain the correct level of force throughout the range of motion while taking into account each user's limits and abilities. Start RLD (adjustable start only) provides start positions every 10 degrees. Total RLD (adjustable start and finish) provides start and end positions every 10 degrees which is ideal for physical therapy in that it stops users before internal stress is too high. Eagle offers Start RLD as a standard feature and Total RLD is available as an optional feature