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Expresso S3U HD Upright Bike (EX-S3U-HD)

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Brand: Expresso

Weight: 165.00 LBS.

Length: 54.00 Inch.

Width: 24.00 Inch.

Height: 64.00 Inch.



The Expresso HD Upright Bike is an upright, stationary exercise bike designed for exactly what its name suggests— a virtual reality cycling experience. Equipped with a high-quality screen, customizable riding features, and lifelike steering, shifting, and resistance mechanisms, this one-of-a-kind workout machine makes realistic, challenging indoor cycling possible.

Key features of the Expresso HD Upright Bike:

The Expresso HD Upright Bike is best for those who want to experience a great workout in exotic locations with varying resistance levels, but in the comfort of an indoor environment.

  • Dual Water Bottle Holders: Stay hydrated throughout your ride by storing up to two water bottles within easy reach.
  • Ergonomic Seat: Adjust the seat until your feet are the perfect distance from the pedals and floor.
  • Lifelike Steering, shifting, and Resistance Action: You can steer and shift (30 gears) realistically with this bike, so it actually feels like you are going somewhere. The dual belt resistance system also works to adjust automatically to the changing terrain and elevation shown on the screen during each tour.
  • 23“ LCD Screen and Console: The 23-inch LCD high-contrast widescreen video screen and console comes with realistic graphics, an easy-to-use keypad, and a headphone jack. The high-quality video card and extensive memory storage enhances the experience and allows you to save your progress.
  • Internet Connection: Connect to the Internet through wireless or wired.
  • 30 Virtual Tour Options: You can choose from 30 interactive riding tours with different resistance levels. Go from basic to extreme, from the Californian coastline to the Peruvian Andes Mountains.
The Expresso HD Upright Bike is recommended if you are interested in a realistic workout in fun locations without having to face the elements. Now you can:
  • Shift and steer as you would on a real bike.
  • Build your strength and endurance with 30 resistance levels.
  • Record your progress and save your rides.
  • Be entertained as you ride by watching your virtual tour, connecting to the Internet, listening to music, or even watching TV.
  • Stay comfortable and hydrated as you ride by storing up to two water bottles within easy reach (no bending over or stopping required)