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Refurbished Gym Equipment - "Best Bang for Your Buck"

Buying refurbished Gym Equipment is the Best Bang for Your Buck!


Adding or replacing fitness equipment in your gym can get expensive. If you are buying gym equipment, you want to get the best quality for the lowest price. You may be wondering how to get fitness equipment like this. Well, search no further. If you want high-quality gym equipment at lower price points, consider purchasing refurbished gym equipment from AME Fitness Equipment.

At AME Fitness Equipment, we pride ourselves on the quality of the refurbished gym equipment we take in, checking each one to make sure they are 100% functional. We put the equipment through a rigorous multi-step inspection. Upon completion, we then fix any parts that need to be replaced. Then we sand and repaint the machine. You may notice some minor blemishes like chipped paint or scratches. These do not affect the performance of the machine and are typically unnoticeable. We make sure that our refurbished gym equipment is at least an 8 out of 10 cosmetically. Once the refurbishing process is finished, we put the equipment through safety testing. Safety is a top priority of ours. That is why we test our machines to make sure they are completely safe for your members to use.

Refurbished Gym Equipment provides the same quality as new equipment. New machines can cost thousands of dollars. Our refurbished gym equipment cuts that cost by up to 60% while looking and performing like new. Rather than spending thousands of dollars for one new machine, you can purchase two refurbished machines.

Our refurbished gym equipment comes from the best quality brands. Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Precor are just a few names of the brands we sell. We understand you want the best machines and we strive to provide them to you at fair prices. AME Fitness Equipment wants to make the purchasing experience easy and quick for you. Everyone wants to save money and now you can save with refurbished gym equipment.


Save Big by Purchasing Refurbished Fitness Equipment with AME Fitness Equipment!

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