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Refurbished Hammer Strength Equipment from AME Fitness Equipment

With over 30 years of manufacturing gym equipment, Hammer Strength is a well-known brand in the world of fitness.  Hammer Strength equipment is designed so that people look forward to using their workout equipment. The founders of Hammer Strength collaborated with top sports doctors and chiropractors. Together they developed products that mimic real life muscle movements in order to achieve an overall smoother and more comfortable integration between real life movements and the precision of the machines. At AME Fitness, our refurbished Hammer Strength equipment holds the same expectation of performance.


Hammer Strength encompasses durability and hard-core training for serious athletes.   Hammer Strength does not complicate their equipment or your workout with complex mechanical adjustments.


At AME Fitness, we provide these same high-quality machines refurbished and at a lower price point.  On average, a machine like the Hammer Strength MTS Iso-Lateral Biceps Curl would cost $4,566. However, when you buy the same refurbished Hammer Strength product through AME, our listing is priced at $1,695. Although our prices are lower, there is no sacrifice to either the aesthetic or quality of our professional grade equipment.


When you buy refurbished Hammer Strength equipment through AME Fitness, you are receiving top of the line equipment that is specifically designed for professional athletes.  We have a variety of refurbished Hammer Strength equipment for all your upper-body and lower-body needs.

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