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Refurbished Star Trac Equipment at AME Fitness Equipment

Star Trac’s mission is to provide products that mold to lifelong habits for health and fitness. They are on the forefront of innovative cardiovascular machines that are designed with the user in mind.  Made with durable steel frames and rust resistant powder coating, our refurbished Star Trac machines provide a high-quality user experience and durability. Refurbished Star Trac machines feature a Whisper Quiet Poly-V Belt Drive, which reduces the vibrations of the belt span and have the highest belt flexibility for workouts.

The quality of Star Trac equipment is outstanding, but so is the price. When you buy refurbished Star Trac equipment through AME Fitness Equipment, you will see that the savings are huge while the machines still uphold the highest quality, aesthetics, and safety standards.

A new Star Trac machine, such as the Star Trac NXT Indoor Cycle would cost $2,295, while a refurbished model from us costs $795. Another example is the Star Trac Leverage PL Chest Press. This product new would cost $2,595 compared to our refurbished product costs $1,350.

As you can see, you really do save when you purchased refurbished from AME Fitness Equipment. Our standard for all refurbished  Star Trac machines is high quality, fully functional pieces with at least an 8 out of 10 cosmetically.

Finding an ideal piece of exercise equipment that fits your budget should not feel harder than working out. When you buy refurbished Star Trac equipment through AME Fitness Equipment, we thoroughly inspect the equipment inside and out and replace all parts that are old and worn out. We strive to provide high quality refurbish fitness equipment at low costs.

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