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Remanufactured Gym Equipment Can Save You Money

At AME Fitness Equipment, we don’t just sell refurbished fitness equipment. We also have remanufactured gym equipment for sale. Remanufactured gym equipment can save you on cost.

The remanufacturing process is defined by taking a machine and rebuilding it to the exact specifications of the original manufacturer. This is exactly what we do with our remanufacturing process. By the time we remanufacture the equipment, it is like new. We sell remanufactured cardio and strength machines from many different brands.

The first step in our remanufacturing process is to inspect the machines. Making notes on which parts are still functional, and which need to be replaced. Once the inspection step is completed, our technicians then begin disassembling the machine, removing the broken or old parts that need to be replaced. Once we strip the machine, we then get the exact parts that need to go into the machine. All of our replacement parts are high quality and fall within the standards of the original manufacturer. Our technicians are more than capable of remanufacturing gym equipment to the point that they work and function like new. As the product is completed, it is put through a rigorous testing process to make sure that all parts work properly. Once it passes this test, the machine is ready to be used in your gym!

AME Fitness Equipment prides itself on making exceptional remanufactured gym equipment. All of our products work like new. The great thing about remanufacturing the machines is that we can customize the colors and upholstery to match your gym colors! Remanufactured gym equipment can also save your gym money. For example, the Cybex VR3 Arm Extension is typically $5,800 new. However, if you purchase this machine remanufactured, it costs around $2,400. With savings like this, you can easily fill your gym with functional fitness equipment at a lower price point. So the next time you need new equipment for your gym, consider purchasing remanufactured gym equipment from AME Fitness Equipment.

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