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StairMaster SM916

  • StairMaster SM916

  • StairMaster SM916

StairMaster SM916 (SM-916)

Brand: StairMaster

Weight: 341.00 LBS.

Length: 50.00 Inch.

Width: 29.00 Inch.

Height: 81.00 Inch.

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Offer Price : $ 5,995.00 $ 2,350.00


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Life may sometimes feel like an uphill climb, but with the StairMaster StepMill 916 you’ll enjoy taking it one step at a time. Climbing stairs was once a radical notion in the exercise world, but with a sophisticated, smooth machine like the StairMaster StepMill 916 available today, stair climbing is almost a must-do part of any serious fitness practitioner’s routine. The StairMaster StepMill 916 is the machine that, due to its revolving staircase with 8” high steps, most closely resembles the act of actual stair climbing. Today’s up-to-date model features ergonomically designed handrails, which allow for maximum user intensity, accessory options that allow you to store your mp3 player, a nationally recognized fitness test to gauge your progress, and custom CPAT and WFI Fire Fighter Tests. The SM916 also comes with standard fitness machine features like water-bottle holders and Polar compatible heart rate monitoring hook-ups. The easy-to-read, back lit LED console will accommodate up to a 15” TV, so your climb can be just that much more entertaining. Like all StairMaster® products, the SM 916 StepMill is backed by the company that for 25 years has been recognized as the leader in the field of stair climbing.

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