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StairMaster TreadClimber 5

  • StairMaster TreadClimber

StairMaster TreadClimber 5 (SMTC5)

Brand: StairMaster

Weight: 700.00 LBS.

Length: 82.50 Inch.

Width: 35.80 Inch.

Height: 69.00 Inch.

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Offer Price : $ 9,999.00 $ 5,395.00


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The StairMaster Treadmill & Stepper - TreadClimber 5 burns twice the calories compared to standard treadmills! It's 2-treadle design combines the forward motion of an ordinary treadmill with the up and down motion of a stepper machine. This leads to elliptical movement--giving you a high-burn yet low-impact workout. Moreover, it allows for natural stride length, along with an 18-degree incline which is similar to walking on sand. With its easy-to-navigate LED touchpad console, you may set your personal goals.

It includes:

Time, Calories, Distance, 2 Heart Rate Training Programs, an adjustable cooling fan, integrated stop button, incline controls and more!

Additional technical specifications are as follows: Dedicated NEMA 5-20 Cord (110v power requirements), 5 HP AC Motor (Drive System), Quick Start, Goal-Based Programs, Constant HR Control, HR Intervals, and Cool Down (Workouts).

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