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Star Trac Instinct Line

Backed by a spacious Star Trac Instinct Line fitness equipment store and a large Star Trac Instinct Leg Curl equipment store, AME has been providing some of the most efficient Star Trac equipment to the clients. Instinct® dual motion strength products offer the option of the revolutionary Lock N Load® pinless system. Moreover, the versatility of Instinct’s small footprints also helps you in letting you get the maximum benefits from minimal space, while blending seamlessly with our cardio line for a cohesive facility look. It would be an understatement to say that it does many things.

At AME, we offer a wide variety of New, Remanufactured, Refurbished, Demo and Used Star Trac Strength units to fit every customer's budget and fitness needs


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Star Trac Instinct Abdominal/ Lower Back

$3,295.00 $ 1,895.00

Star Trac Instinct Bicep/ Tricep

$ 3,295.00 $ 1,495.00

Star Trac Instinct Inner and Outer Thigh

$ 3,295.00 $ 1,495.00

Star Trac Instinct Leg Curl / Extension

$ 3,295.00 $ 1,495.00

Star Trac Instinct Pectoral/ Rear Delt

$ 3,295.00 $ 1,895.00

Star Trac Instinct Rotary Torso

$ 3,295.00 $ 1,495.00

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