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Why Refurbished Treadmills Matter

Perhaps the most common and most used cardio equipment, having a high-quality treadmill in your home or gym is a necessity. They’re safer than walking outside on the street since using a treadmill will have less of an impact on your joints than a typical street or sidewalk. Unless you live where it’s always sunny, having a treadmill will prevent your exercise routine from being hindered by seasonal or unforeseen weather related inconveniences.


Because of their versatility, treadmills hold the top place for the most sought after machines. Not only are you able to change the speed and intensity of your workout, you also have the ability to multitask. Watching T.V., listening to music, reading a book or even working on your iPad are just a few examples of multitasking possibilities you can do while using a treadmill.  


Running away from the high cost of treadmills should not be part of your exercise regimen. When you buy refurbished treadmills from AME Fitness Equipment, you’re receiving a modified version of the machine. All the imperfections, if any, have been searched for and repaired by our experts. Former damaged parts are replaced, restored and tested to make sure you are getting a safe and high performing machine.


AME Fitness Equipment refurbishes in-house. When buying from us, you will receive high quality refurbished treadmills while personally knowing who handled the machines refurbishing process.


We offer high-performance equipment and treadmills such as; Cybex, Life Fitness, and New SciFit, with some of our refurbished treadmills reduced by more than half their original price.

You can take comfort knowing that your business or personal equipment is worked on locally, and you will be saving a great amount of money and time while enjoying your workout, without sacrificing the quality, functionality, or safety of the refurbished treadmills.

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