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April 06, 2018

Buying refurbished fitness equipment can be a fantastic money-saving technique to build your home gym without breaking the bank. If you’re smart about the way you shop, you can almost always locate a wide variety of refurbished spinning bikes, treadmills, and other gym equipment to help you achieve that perfect fitness level you’ve been striving for. But there are some important tips you should keep in mind when looking for that next level fitness equipment. The following information has been gathered to take some of the guesswork out of this process.


What are Refurbished Spinning Bikes?

The first thing we need to do here is to establish some common ground with the terminology we are using. Currently, there are no industry standards surrounding the use of the word refurbished. What this means is that some companies may use the words refurbished, used, remanufactured, or pre-owned interchangeably. This is not always the case, however, so you should always start by verifying what the company means by the terminology they are using.


Many times refurbished spinning bikes are bikes that have been purchased by individuals or gyms that were later returned to the manufacturer. At this point, the manufacturer typically performs a series of checks and tests on the spinning bike to ensure it is in excellent condition. Any repairs that need to be made will be completed, and any worn parts will be replaced in order to bring the spinning bike into a condition as close to that of the original pre-owned state as possible. In some cases, the refurbished spinning bike may not have even been used at all, as it may have just been a returned item.


Physical Benefits of Using a Spinning Bike


It’s no secret that many people engage in cardiovascular exercise simply because they want better bodies. Training for warriors is serious business, and it makes sense to put a lot of thought into your purchase.


Why should you consider choosing this type of bike to achieve dynamic fitness? Let’s talk a bit about the physical benefits this type of exercise has to offer.

1. Killer Calorie Burn

Bike riding is a highly effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short period, allowing you to achieve the ultimate fitness level you desire. In just a 30 minute session, you can burn as much as 500 calories. For those looking to lose weight and obtain better bodies, cycling is a fantastic choice.


2. Boost Your Cardiovascular Health


Heart health is an important topic these days since diseases affecting the heart remain such a big problem throughout the nation. Bike riding will allow you to strengthen your heart, improve blood flow, and build your lung capacity and endurance at the same time. If ultimate fitness is your goal, it begins by boosting your overall cardiovascular endurance to set yourself up for future success.


3. Improve Muscle and Bodytone


As we age, we naturally lose muscle and bodytone. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. By adding cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, we can also boost our body’s ability to burn fat and add lean muscle to our body. An improvement in overall bodytone is one of the first things that many new cyclists notice about their changing bodies.


4. Low Impact


Cycling provides a low impact exercise that is safe for nearly everyone of all fitness levels. If dynamic fitness is what you are striving for, you have to push your physical limits to a degree. However, achieving next level fitness doesn’t mean you have to engage in activities that can cause injuries or damage to your joints. We can all achieve the better bodies we desire by engaging in safe, low impact exercise such as cycling.


5. Stress Relief


Whether we are striving for better bodies, dynamic fitness, or an improvement in bodytone, we can’t get the results we want if we tire out and give up. Cycling provides an excellent way to achieve our ultimate fitness goals while still fighting stress.


Cycling will also encourage better sleep. This in turn helps our muscles repair themselves at night and leads to improved bodytone and the ultimate fitness we are all seeking.


6. Year Round Exercise


Perhaps best of all, cycling provides amazing training for warriors that can be completed anytime, all year round. Gone are the days when you need to worry about missing the gym due to snow negatively affecting your perfect fitness routine. If it’s nasty outside, you can still keep that next level fitness routine on track by cycling right in the comfort of your own home. Training for warriors is done year round, and nothing will stop you from reaching your perfect fitness level if you’ve got 24-hour access to a powerful machine such as this.


Things to Consider when Buying Refurbished Bikes


All of this said, there are some important points to consider when purchasing a refurbished bike. We will cover some of the essentials below.

1. Who was the previous owner?

You might want to find out if the bike you are considering was used in a gym setting or was purchased by an individual to use at home.


2. How much was the bike used?

If the bike was used in a gym, how long was it there? How much did the bike get used in that setting? The same questions can be asked regarding home use as well.


3. How was the bike cared for by the previous owner?

Gyms typically perform frequent maintenance checks on all of their equipment. This means they will regularly test all the parts of a machine, oil it as needed, and perform any small maintenance tasks often. This provides a long lifespan for the bike and allows you to obtain a quality piece of equipment to achieve that next level fitness.


4. What kind of warranty is included?

Refurbished items typically come with an altered warranty that won’t be identical to the original one that came with the unit. It’s important to check out details of the refurbished warranty and find out what can be done in the case that you need to return or exchange the bike.


Achieving dynamic fitness requires all of us to push ourselves past our current fitness level to achieve better bodies and the perfect fitness level that we all aspire to. Training for warriors needs to be completed regularly to see genuine improvements in endurance, strength, tone, and flexibility. Dynamic fitness can be achieved with a refurbished bike, allowing you to engage in body perfecting exercises all year long without breaking the bank in the process.