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How It Works

At AME Fitness Equipment, we offer equipment in several different conditions - New, Demo, Remanufactured, Refurbished and As Is - to meet your personal and budgetary needs. See below for what each term entails and choose what’s right for you. 



New - AME is the proud dealer for a myriad of manufacturers offering new fitness equipment and accessories. New items carry the manufacturer’s warranty and can usually ship directly to you. Check out our great vendors for offers and discounts exclusive to AME.


Demo- A Demo unit is a piece that has had very little use- such as floor models or trade show pieces. The Cardio machines have very little to no mileage and both Strength and Cardio are in excellent condition cosmetically (some minor blemishes may be apparant on certain units)


Remanufactured - Remanufactured equipment is completely overhauled to look and function like new at only a fraction of the manufacturer’s original price. Each unit is fully disassembled and assessed. Drive components and electronics are cleaned, tested and replaced as needed. Frames are sanded to bare metal and professionally powder coated in the color of your choice. All worn parts and decals are replaced and pads are reupholstered in your chosen color (see color chart for options). Remanufactured equipment comes with a 1 Year Parts and Service Warranty. Check out the process Here.


Refurbished - Cleaned and serviced units are fully functional but may show minor cosmetic wear and tear such as chipped paint, faded decals and or slightly worn upholstery. Major cosmetic issues such as rust or parts are worn to the point that they impede the functionality of the machine are repaired prior to sale. Electrical components are cleaned and tested. Frames and plastics are repaired or replaced if needed for safety but items may have scratches or minor abrasions. By buying refurbished equipment customers are able to purchase safe, serviced brand name equipment at greatly discounted prices.New upholstery is available for an additional chargeRefurbished equipment comes with a 90 day Parts & Service Warranty 


As Is - A piece of “As Is” equipment is fully functional, previously used equipment. Often, “As Is” pieces are purchased by either other fitness equipment re—sellers or those looking to save money by doing any needed or cosmetic repairs themselves. If purchasing cardio equipment in “As Is” condition, please keep in mind that some technical knowledge may be required to service electrical components. “As Is” pieces do not come with a warranty and the buyer is responsible for any servicing or repairs needed after purchase.